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Guests are asked to take care of the apartment and its equipment. Rearranging the furniture or removing any items from the apartment is strictly prohibited. Guests are obliged to inform and compensate the owner for any damages caused.


Guests are asked to maintain clean floors and walls of the apartment (not to kill mosquitoes and other insects on the walls) and to empty the trash can (green container is located on the road in front of the house).

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the house. However, guests may smoke on balconies or  terrace.


Guests are asked to set the temperature of air conditioner to a max of 8°C lower than the outside temperature. While the air conditioner is used doors and windows needs to be kept closed. The air conditioner will be automatically turned off when doors and windows are opened. 


Guests are asked to lock the door and close windows while they are out of the apartment  - the owner is not responsible for loss of valuables. Guests are requested to keep the given key at all times. If the key is lost, guests have to pay for a new lock and a new set of keys.

Guests are responsible for their behavior inside the apartment. In case of any incident, they have to take the consequences.


Guests are obliged to respect the privacy of other guests. It is not permitted to make any noise from 23:00 till 9:00 hrs. Radio and television should be used so as not to disturb the guests in the apartments nearby.


Guests are asked to agree with the owner and other guests of the use of grill or parking place.  Grill needs to be left clean after usage.

It is not allowed to leave the pets alone in the house. Dogs are not to disturb the other guests, therefore they should always be accompained by the owner and on a leash. In case of any incidents, the owner of the pet has to take the consequences.


Apartment can be used only by persons registered on arrival day.


Guests need keep the house/apartment and all its furniture, facilities and equipment in the same state of repair and condition as at the beginning of their holiday or stay. At the end of the hire period, the property and its contents, including all equipment, furniture, utensils, etc need to be left clean and tidy. Dishes needs to be  left clean and trash thrown away.


Apartment must be empty by 9 o'clock on the departure day and the new guest can enter the apartment after 14 o'clock on the arrival day (if it is not arranged differently).

Keys need to be returned to the owner (if it is not arranged differently).




Modern holiday apartments on the island of Pasman | Moderne Ferienwohnungen auf der Insel Pasman